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My name is Mark Duffill and I have been keeping fish since I was 5 years old, when I got my first fish which was a goldfish. I have helped run local fish- keeping societies, national federations and was also a Judge for NEFAS (North East Federation of Aquarist Societies). Currently I am putting a lot of time into my website and forum (Northeast Aquatics) aimed at aquarists in the north of England and further afield.  Also I run the Loach Association of Great Britain of which I am Chairman.

I regularly contribute articles and photographs to the Bi-monthly publication The Aquarium Gazette and I have also built the Aquarium Gazette website and help the Editor & good friend David Marshall run the website.  I have had several articles and many photographs published in magazines around the world and have had my articles translated into several different languages and published on the internet around the world too!

At the beginning of 2009 I set up the Loach Association of Great Britain and launched the website at the same time,  I also wrote a presentation about Loaches which I have taken to several clubs and had positive feedback every time.  Early in 2011 LAGB was renamed as the International Loach Association in order to account for the fact that we had vast ammounts of interest from people around the world. I am in the process of creating more presentations and have already been invited to many clubs around Britain, Norway and even America.

In my 30+ years of fishkeeping I have kept pretty much everything, although even when keeping African Cichlids, Australian Rainbows, South American Cichlids, Tetras and Catfish I have always been drawn back to Asian species like Rasbora’s, Barbs, Danio’s and Loaches.  I am a confirmed loachaholic now and currently keep over 40 different species of which I have spawned more than 8 species including Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki, Botia kubotai, Acanthocobitis zonalternans, Sewellia lineolata & Pseudogastromyzon cheni to name a few.

I also keep a large selection of Barbs, Rasboras various other cyprinids and shrimps and I am also the proud owner of a 6000 gallon Koi pond with fish to over 2' long.

Along with the fish my other main interest at the moment is photography and fish photography is an area that I am hoping to expand and grow into.