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Books that I have in my own collection that I think would make a great addition to anyone's book collection, if your like me you can never have to many books.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books below click on the picture of the books, this will take you The Book Depository which is a great company that I cant recommend enough, their books are very well priced and postage is free worldwide.

Rainbowfish E-book


This is a free e-book written by Adrian Tappin entitled Rainbowfishes - Their Care and Keeping in Captivity.

The book can be downloaded here

Loaches: Natural History and Aquarium Care


Written by Mark Macdonald and Martin Thoene two long standing members of Loaches Online this book hopefully opens the door for more books about this amazing group of fishes.

Bristlenoses: Catfish with Character



An excellent book written by Kathy Jinkings delving into this fascinating and ever popular species of catfish.

Identifying Corydoradine Catfish



An excellent book written by Ian Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers, a must have for the Corydoras enthusiast but a great addition to anyone's book collection.

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Australia


From tiny gobies to the giant barramundi, this volume provides in-depth coverage of nearly 300 species - every fish known to inhabit fresh water on the Australian continent.

Aqualog All Rainbows and Related Families



Like all the Aqualog range this book contains probably the largest collection of photos of Rainbowfish and related species including different strains and mutations.

Aqualog Loricariidae: All L-numbers (Hardback)



A must have book for any L-number enthusiast.

Aqualog All Livebearers and Half-beaks


Probably one of the most comprehensive collections of photographs and information regarding livebearers.

Aquarium Atlas: Photo Index v. 1-5



As the name suggests this book contains all photographs from Atlas's 1-5 and is an ideal size to carry and aid identification of fishes.

Aquarium Plants: from Growing Them to Perfection to Choosing the Best Varieties



I dont think any aquatic book collection is complete without at least one book about aquarium plants and their care.